Precise and professional pool shell construction

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Pre Construction Planning and Setting Out

Through experience, the earlier we are involved in a project the better. The sequence of building the pool shell within a larger project will have a massive impact on overall programming if it is not commenced at the right time. This is overlooked on most projects and programmed to be built after the pool hall is constructed. The most cost effective and quickest way to build pools, when part of a larger project, is with overhead access (when possible) and without surrounding walls / steel work. Overhead lifting (or good access / egress) will speed up later stages construction as the pool shell will be build quicker allowing access to the pool for overhead work when built. It also makes the built quicker when we have over lifting for steel and concrete boom pumping (when required) and takes weeks off a pool shell process.

We prefer to get involved at planning stage and work with the site team and groundworkers to proactivly get the formation levels and any required drainage in place before our teams get to site. It is vital we are involved at this stage as site teams / groundworkers often have a different intereptation of TOC, FFL, SWL and formation heights. The only way to ensure programmes are adhered to is to proactivly visit site on a regular basis pre-commencement. Design changes can also be made at this stage, an example of this is to provide a nib on the external of the pool shell to take a block and beam floor surround by others.

Working from site grid lines we set out, build the shell to design and blend into the overall site development.

All surrounding / interfacing fabrics depend on the pool being built first, allowing us to get in and get out will create comfort in your overall programme.