Precise and professional pool shell construction

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Render, Screed and Tanking Swimming Pool Shells

All pre-tile finishes are ultra crticial to obtain the desired tile / panel finish to the pool. Dependent upon the tile thickness the render and tanking must be set out mm perfect from grid lines or exiting features. The render must be parallel to the opposite side and exactly plumb. With this in mind we use the lastest laser technology to set lines out. The surface preperation is absolutley crticial and must be carried out as manufacturers instruction. Our render teams are approved by all the main waterproof render systems and are proficient in applying render by machine or by hand. The finished wall must be completely flat as any minor lumps or hollows can show when the under-water lights are on.

Pool floors can either be rendered, self levelled or screeded. We use laser technology to set these heights out. The surface prep and finish is key to enable a perfect tiled / panel finish.

There are a number of different types of tanking used in pool construction and our teams are approved and experienced in all of the recognised and trusted systems. The tanking provides a watertight barrier (as back up to the concrete and render) to eliminate leaks occuring. Our teams are also confined spaces trained and have air monitoring systems as we often apply products to balance tanks via submarine doors and difficult access situations.