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Swimming Pool Shell Construction Services


We specialise in all the main types of swimming pool construction for deck level, skimmer and infinity pools using reinforced concrete with either formwork or timber shutter.  Our expertise is available to assist you in developing project plans or to advise and provide recommendations. On several occasions our support within  the planning/development phase has helped prevent potentially costly overruns.

Reinforced Concrete using Formwork and Pour Swimming Pool Construction

A more robust / professional method than timber shutter this is the strongest method of swimming pool construction. Working from an engineered design to eliminate shutter failure and withstand more pressure than timber.  Access / agress from above is advantageous although smaller “pans” can be used for basements etc. 

Reinforced Concrete using Timber Shutter and Pour Pool Construction

This is the standard method of pool shell construction for non standard shapes / sizes of swimming pool.  Also used often with bad egress / access or difficulty stripped out using formwork or when lots of penetrations for lighting / pipework or swim jets are required.

Deck Level Swimming Pool Construction

This style of swimming pool has the water at the same level as the finished floor level or surrounding deck which gives the effect of a seamless transition from water to pool surround. To maintain this effect the swimming pool has a “drainage” or “scum” channel around the pool edge. A deck level swimming pool can displace a large amount of water when occupied so the water is moved to a balance tank that automatically tops up when the pool is vacated.

Skimmer Swimming Pool Construction

This type of swimming pool has a number of “skimmer boxes” at water level, usualy 100/ 200mm below the pool surround. The boxes act as drains to remove debris from the pool. Often a cheaper / quicker construction method to the deck level pool.