Precise and professional pool shell construction

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Specialist detailing for swimming pool construction

As part of many of the pool shell construction projects, specialist detailing is an important aspect of our work as it can add visual value, enjoyment and practicality to the swimming pool. Special details like stepping stones or pool lighting can be carried out during and after the main pool shell build  and as part of any project we have the capability to include the following.


In various forms and places, seating in pools, jacuzis and spas are an essential part of the pool construction as they add value to the project and create a more impressive finish.

Spa Construction

Usually built to accompany a pool we have experience in creating spas of all shapes and sizes with massage jets and seating.

Glass Details

We often fit specialist bespoke glass on projects either supply and fit or carry out building work for the glass contractor.

Steps / Stepping Stones

Usually built after the pool shell, various access points are required, usually made into a feature with lighting etc.

Pool Lighting

Normally involving the light housing units set within the pool walls. It is imperative that the lights are plumb, level and square to the pool wall and set mm perfect to a pre-given height as often when tiled they work within a tile design that the light is central of a tile / grout line for instance. They also need to be level and plumb otherwise the light will appear out of level to the tile and project light differently to adjorning lights.